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Our Local History

The church of Christ in Roscoe began with a tent meeting near the downtown area in the fall of 1904. During this meeting a drive was started to build a meeting house, but for lack of funds no work began at this time. Among those who had a part were J. S. Arledge of Maryneal, M. Zellner of Loraine and the L. T. Pate family. Other evangelistic meetings were conducted by Brother McGovoc, W. A. Barnhill and G. A. Lambert. The small group met from house to house and in the school in 1907.


Other early members of the church included the W. D. Haney, P. A. Smith, Paul and Hugh Harkins, and W. M. Eoff families. Along the way, the Dan Handy, Charles Loyd, W. A Sloan, and Charlie Wade families also joined.


In 1935, the church acquired a building at Fourth and Oak streets, but moved it to the corner of Third and Bois d’ Arc. In 1948, the old building was sold and moved to make room for a new building at that location. In 1964 the building used for classrooms was also sold and a new education wing was constructed for Bible classes. This added eight classrooms, a preacher's study, and more restrooms.


The original auditorium that had been built in 1948 was razed in 1974 and a new auditorium was finished in July of 1975. The first preacher's residence was located where the educational wing now stands, but other accommodations have since been purchased. 

Preachers who have served: R. J. Smith, A. F. Thurman, R. C. Ledbetter, Horace Teddley, Sam Williams, Brooks Terry, David Desha, Lee McClesky, Bill Hines, J. B. Hudson, Wallace Mynatt, Frank Downes, Thurman Self , John Morgan, Terry Danley, Phil Collard, James Griner, Denny Sneed, Dan Boren, Philip Tomlin, and currently Phil Stroud.

Our fellowship has grown from a few dedicated members who met in a tent years ago to its present numbers. Through the years, the Lord has blessed the work in Roscoe and many people have had the love of Christ and the truth of word shared with them. We continue to stand ready to love, serve, reach, teach, and preach the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in our local community, throughout the surrounding region, and around the world as He gives us opportunity.

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