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Missions We Support

We believe it is important that we engage in work at home as well as pray and support the greater Body of Christ worldwide. Below are the missionaries we support regularly. These missionaries are supported financially and/or via prayer by our congregation and by other congregations throughout the world. If you would like more information about our missionaries, please contact the church office.

Byron Benitez & Hiawatha Jones

Latin American Theological Institute

Byron and Hi have established The Latin American Theological Institute, better known as ITL. It resides in Guatemala.  There is a need to establish a good biblical foundation, to grow in the knowledge of the truth, and to be able to preach the whole counsel of God without fearing men. ITL seeks to fulfill this need of helping to prepare faithful men and women for the work of the Kingdom. Our students receive instruction from local and foreign brothers. Of the foreign teachers, some visit the campus personally, while others instruct through our video conferencing system. Each student has the opportunity to receive a biblical education that will prepare him or her not only to save people, but also to work with those same people after they have received their salvation (Matthew 28:18ff). 

Bob & Barbara Buchanan

There is freedom of religion in the Philippines, and even though some estimates indicate that 85 percent of the population is at least nominally Catholic, great evangelism and church growth are possible. There are some 2,300 missionaries, from 120 agencies, at work in the country. The openness of the people, their congeniality, their curiosity and hospitality, plus the present social, economic and political climate, make many areas of the country quite receptive to evangelism areas of the country quite receptive to evangelism.
Adult membership among the major mainline Evangelical groups is indicated in the chart above. The evangelical groups constitute an estimated 6.4 percent of the population. The chart to the right shows the annual population growing at less than 2 percent, with the Christian population growing at a rate just below that of the general population. Both the Muslim population (3.2 percent) and the Evangelical population (3.1 percent) show healthy growth.



Eastern European Mission publishes, prints, and distributes Bibles and Bible-based materials in 30+ countries and 20+ languages through a vast network of partner churches and organizations.

EEM shares God’s Word with the people of Eastern Europe and beyond, and they seek to educate and inspire God’s servants in this work.

Alfred Habasky

Alfred Habasky and family are members of the Lord's Church in Cairo, Egypt, where they feel called to evangelism.  Dealing in large with the Muslim religion, they face hardships, terrorist threats, and danger on a daily basis.  Despite this, they continue to distribute God's word through a church 'book store,' pursue one-on-one Bible studies, and send a sermon once a week to the World Radio Program. 

Eddie & Elsie Nkosi

South African Bible College

The sole purpose of Southern Africa Bible College is to bring Christ to Africa by means of highly trained graduates who are dedicated, well-versed and sound in the scriptures. Spreading the Flame is the culmination of more than 40 years of bringing Christ in the southern subcontinent of Africa. Eldred Echols, late veteran missionary to Africa, and Al J. Horne, one of the first converts in South Africa, had a joint-dream…to ignite the fires of gospel outreach in that region and beyond. With the Lord’s guidance they formed Southern Africa Bible School (now College) in 1966, established in Benoni, South Africa for the mission to “train Africans to evangelize Africa.” Now more than 600 graduates and former students are proclaiming Christ across the continent of Africa. National Africans who know the culture and languages are proven and effective in spreading the flame of Christianity. As Africa’s only accredited Bible College of the Churches of Christ south of the Equator, a vision for growth will result in churches planted, churches strengthened, and darkness replaced with light.

Christian Service Center


901 Mesquite Street
Abilene, TX 79601


Monday - Friday
9am - 12pm, 1pm - 4pm

9am - 12pm 

First weekend of

every month:
Closed Friday


The Christian Service Center in Abilene is funded by local churches of Christ and is able to assist the local communities and those in need through donations of:


Household items-kitchen, linens, fans,  small appliances, decorative items, blankets, curtains

Clothing-women’s, children’s, men’s, shoes

Food-their pantry is stocked with canned and dried goods

Toys for all kids' ages

Hygiene-soap, shampoo, feminine items, towels

Car Seats, heaters, diapers, dental assistance, counseling


This center is for those who have endured a disaster such as a house fire/flood, low income, immigrants, or anyone who is in need.  The Christian Service Center serves an average of 150 people a week, or over 7,000 per year. They seek to provide services to anyone in need, and support those in poverty without creating a climate of dependency. 


Please consider taking any unwanted items to this donation center.  They would also appreciate any volunteers.  For more information, visit


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