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Potluck dinners are quite common to have at church. We've discovered how nice it is to have potlucks at the close of every month. Church potluck meals, sometimes called potluck dinners, fellowship meals, or just potluck for short, have a lot of advantages. Of course, the most apparent one is that it provides a free, nutritious meal for anyone who'd like it, but if you look a little deeper you can find that there is more going on at a potluck than you may think!


Potluck dinners are a way to get the church members to participate in a common effort and work together in preparation for a feast. It’s also a way to learn about fellow members. We make an effort to sit with different members each time we have a potluck dinner, allowing ourselves a chance to truly interact with those we may not be close to. Learning about fellow Christians within our church helps provide unity among the members. Potlucks can also be a good learning experience. One thing for sure that you will find at any church potluck is a good variety of food. This can be a good learning experience, as we often share cooking tips and recipes amongst ourselves. Another important aspect of potlucks is that they provide a chance to get to know those who are visiting. Engaging in conversation with visitors is a great way to make new friends and connections. And in some cases, potluck may be the only meal they receive that day.

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