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Sewing Sisters

We've made all kinds of things but we focus on things that would benefit others and be uplifting to them. 


We make 'Love Bears' for hospitals, orphanages, children's homes, and other various organizations to hand out to children who need encouragement following a hard time in their lives or even something as minor as getting a shot.  We have sent them to some missionaries in Guatemala for them to hand out to young and old who are trapped inside hospitals by their own illnesses or handicaps.


We have also helped the Robotics team at our local school, Roscoe Collegiate High School.  The students in a geometry class designed a digital quilt and with the help of our Sewing Sisters, the students cut and pieced a quilt to raffle off as a fundraiser.


A fun undertaking for us was when the kids at church asked us to make their LTC puppets look like characters from the hit show, Duck Dynasty.


A new adventure for the Sewing Sisters has been aiding in the Healing Hands Ministry. We are currently making clothing items from old t-shirts:  dresses, shorts, and baby caps. The mission of Healing Hands International is to extend the love of Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting world, allowing God to use our hands to carry out His healing work. Find out more by clicking the 'Healing Hands Logo' on the top of this page.


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